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  St. André de Roquepertuis  

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Here are some of the trips that we, the Beck-family, like the most:

As told by the Beck-family. 

Perhaps you can understand while reading this text, why we came to this area and why we stayed here. Certainly you will have other stories, so let us hear them while you are staying in our house.

Our department Gard offers a lot of possibilities:
Up 4 km
We like the charming little village Goudargues where you can meet us every day in summer. It has been dubbed the "Venice of the Gard" because of its fountaines. We love wandering through the shadows under the plane trees.

shops and services include: groceries, bakeries, bars, newsstands, doctors, dentists, library, bank and post-office

Things to see: Salle capitulaire (the ruins of the abbey), Abbey church, Wash-houses, Castle of La Bastide, Romanesque chapels, Remains of a Carolingian chapel in St-Michelet.

Up to max. 20 km
Bagnols is our shopping-town, every Wednesday, there is a large market in the heart of the town, around the Mallet Square (old market square). There are old alleys and arcades. If you can find the time, visit the museum (collection of post-Impressionists) and it’s exhibitions.

Shops and services : 300 shops access to all services
cascades_1.JPG (702208 Byte) Our children's favourite the les Cascades du Sautadet:
where the river Cèze has carved out cavities in the rock. The most spectacular features are the potholes, which are cavities hollowed out in the rocky riverbed, millions years old.
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Please watch out for your children, as although impressive it can also be dangerous, we have seen some accidents!
Cornillon, La Roque-sur-Cèze, Montclus, Aiguèze, Barjac, . . . we like to walk and drive through all the villages along the valley of the river Cèze, Take your time to visit the idyllic small streets in the ancient villages and the vineyards, woodlands and lavender fields. You must see for yourselves our words are not enough! . . . 
In the Chartreuse de Valbonne we have experienceed some very beautiful concerts and cultural events .
The Carthusian Monastery of Valbonne founded in 1204 by Guilhem de Vénéjan, Bishop of Uzès.
Go there for a tour of the monument, the forest or the vineyard.
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If it's too hot in Summer, or if it's a rainy day, we recommend a visit to the famous Aven d’Orgnac which impressed not only our children, but ourselves as well. It is one of the biggest caves in the world, an underground space of discovery and conservation.
The Grotte de la Cocalière, one of the biggest caves of France is not far away.

The wonderfull Grotte Chauvet II is definitely worth a visit.

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Up to max. 40 km 
Once a year, if possible, between Easter and the end of May, we do the “grande descente” canoe trip down the river through the Gorges de l’Ardèche.  But a walk or a drive is also interesting.
The symbol of our département is the Pont du Gard.  The new discovery centre with it’s museum, cinema etc. is very interesting… also younger peoples can learn about the Roman world in a natural environment in educational workshops.

Pont-St-Esprit, Orange, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Vaison-la-Romaine, Uzès
and other towns are not far away.

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Up to max. 60 km
Pont Saint Bénezet.jpg (11356 Byte) Take a whole day for a visit to Avignon because there is more to see than just the Palace of the Popes and "the Pont d’Avignon" . . . the song we’ll never forget because it was the first song of our school French-lessons.
Les Baux is near by. One of the most beautiful villages in France". Its cultural heritage is exceptionally rich, with it's church, chateau, town-hall, hospital, chapels, houses and doorways. A brilliant view of Arles, the Camargue and the Alpilles can be seen from the look-out points!

Don't miss a visit of the Carrières de Lumières with his wonderful video istallations, changing every year.

On your way back do a visit to  St. Rémy.

We always like a trip to the ochre quarries of Roussillon in the Luberon.

If you have some days available also make excursions to Nîmes, Gordes , Fontaine de Vaucluse and the other interesting sites you will find in your tourist guides.

Up to max. 100 km
. . . our stay in the "Résidence de l'Acacia" always includes  a trip to the sea, we also love horse riding in the Camargue. . .

and strolling in  Arles, Aigues-Mortes, Le-Grau-du-Roi, Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer:  
We personally don’t like the architecture of La-Grande-Motte at all, but we do love to stroll in Port-Camargue and look at the beautiful yachts, relax on the beach and finish the day in one of the fish-restaurants.
Don't forget to visit all the little villages well known for their wine!
We’ll finish here, because we can’t possibly tell it all … There are simply too many beautiful things to discover. This was our small personal selection, if you are really interested, read the good tourist guides which are more professionnal (for example Guide Michelin).

See you soon in our "Résidence de l’Acacia"

The Beck-family