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For your activities:  

the "Résidence" offers you:

  • A meeting room in an historical cellar with tables, chairs,  a small stage and amenities for up to 40 people
  • Games for young and older guests
  • Small pool table
  • Room for table-tennis (please bring your own racquets and balls)
  • TV corner
  • Large garden (shady seating accommodation)
  • Pool with deckchairs
  • Barbecue
  • Boules
  • Play-ground, for example to play volleyball
  • Spacious grounds surrounded by typical vegetation of the south of France  

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Adventure and sports near by:

  • Swimming and fishing in the clear water of the river Cèze (10 min. walk; public swimming pool in Méjannes-le-Clap, Pont St. Esprit)
  • Canoeing/Kajaking (renting in the village) or boat trips on the rivers Cèze, Ardèche and Chassezac
    (by foot or 20 min. drive or the boatcompany will pick your group up from the house)
  • Walks for hikers and ramblers
  • Rock climbing (for example security-points prepared rocks, 20 min. walk, info for organised rock climbing trips in Méjannes-le-Clap)
  • Tree climbing (in the forest of Valbonne, only with a guide)
  • Potholing (different possibilities, for example Aven d'Orgnac, 15 min. drive) , Grotte Chauvet II
  • Tennis (2 courts in the village)
  • Mountain biking (location in Pont St. Esprit)
  • Horse-Riding (riding schools near by, escorted riding trips)
  • Hiking with a donkey
  • Boules (small court next to our terrace and in the village)
  • Football (training pitch in the village)
  • Minigolf (in Goudargues)
  • Golf (in Uzès or Avignon)
  • Archery (in Méjannes-le-Clap)

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Cultural heritage and visits:

  • Castles (for example in the next village Cornillon)
  • Churches (for example in our village, in Goudargues, and in Bagnols-sur-Cèze)
  • Monasteries (for example Chartreuse de Valbonne)
  • Prehistoric sites (for example Dolmen, Menhire)
  • Caves (for example Aven d'Orgnac, Cocalière)
  • Museums (for example in Bagnols-sur-Cèze)
  • Events (look at the program of Provence occitane), for example . . .
    • Traditional festivals
    • Antique markets (for example Easter and August 15. in Barjac)
    • Different celebrations
    • Concerts (for ex. chorals of Provence )
    • Exhibitions (for ex. in Goudargues and Cornillon)
    • Operas and Open-Air-Concerts in ancient theatres (for ex. in Orange , Nîmes)
    • International Festival of theatre and Street-Art in Avignon (in July)


  • Shops in the villages near by:
    • Fruits and vegetables in Goudargues
    • Butcher in Goudargues
    • Supermarket and shops in Goudargues, Bagnols . . .
    • Shopping arcades in Bagnols, Avignon, Nîmes
  • Street produce markets in Provence
    • Wednesday in Goudargues and Bagnols
    • Friday in Barjac
    • Saturday in Pont St. Esprit and Uzès
    • Sunday in Laudun

Examples of favourite activities and trips: 

  • half-day activities: (refer to the page region)
    • The village, bank of the river Cèze, (walking, climbing)
    • The river Cèze canyon (canoeing, swimming)
    • Les Cascades du Sautadet (impressive waterfall)
    • Les Concluses (walking and climbing through magnificent wild gorges, with overhanging cliffs and grottos  the "gours" and potholes)
    • La Chartreuse de Valbonne (Monastery and nature trail)
    • Tree climbing (in the forest of Valbonne, only with a guide)
    • L'Aven d'Orgnac (cave visits)
    • Le marché de Bagnols (Wednesday mornings: large market all over the old town centres old streets)  
  • whole-day activities: (refer to the page region)
    • Drive to ”Pont du Gard" (famous roman aqueduct), "Camargue" (conservation area, horses, bulls, flamingos), "Aigues-Mortes" (visit the historical town, shopping), "Le Grau du Roi" or "Les St. Maries de la Mer" (Seaside Atmosphere, exploring, beach, swimming, shopping)
    • The canyon of the Ardèche" (Canoe trips, driving and hikes)
    • Visit "Les Baux de Provence", " Avignon " (see historical buildings or go shopping)